Reasons for Malfunctioning of the Washer Spin

If you think your washer is powerful enough to handle as many clothes as you throw its way, you are certainly not alone. But that is a mistake really. People take their washers and many other large appliances for granted. They make it work in a wrong way and often end up looking for a professional for washer repair. While it is true that proper maintenance can prevent several issues, things will eventually go wrong, pushing you to find someone for help. Interestingly, you can fix minor issues on your own, like repairing your washer when it does not support a spin cycle.

No Spin Cycle

There could be various factors responsible if your washer is not supporting a spin cycle.

The first and the most common reason that prevents the spinner from working is an inappropriate adjustment of the spinning lid. If the lid is not properly placed, the washer will not support spinning.  There may be some defect in the lid if it is well adjusted and still spin cycle is not starting. Check the lid and replace it if needed.

The second popular issue is related to the latching of the door. If the door of the washer is no tightly shut, it will result in malfunctioning of the spinner. If your washer does not start spin cycle, check the latching of its door and try to shut it again with care. If the problem persists, check the door for any cracks or defect. There could be a mechanical or electrical error that may lead to inappropriate latching of the door. Investigate the reason for not latching and get the defect repaired.

Sometimes spinner doesn’t work due to overloading of clothes. When the washer is overloaded it may damage the motor or machine transmission. To avoid the damage to the machine parts, motor coupling doesn’t support the spinning cycle when it is overloaded.

There could be a mechanical issue in the machine if your washer is not supporting the spin cycle. Check the motor coupling and drive belt for any breakage or loose placement. Repair or replace the damaged parts depending on its condition.

The washer may not function properly if there is any defect in the control panel of the machine. The control panel provides power to the motor and controls all the functions of the washer. If the washer is not initiating the spin cycle, check the control panel for any defects. Your machine`s control panel may not providing power to the motor or was unable to deliver the instructions appropriately. Get it repaired or replaced as needed.

The spinning of the washer is also dependent on the clutch assembly. It connects the transmission to the washer tub. In case the clutch is broken, you need to replace it, as it cannot be repaired. However, if after all your efforts, the washer won’t budge, it is time to call in a professional and have it repaired properly.